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Trip Design is a custom service. No two people are alike, thus no two trips should ever be the same. Friend of a Friend offers a phased approach to trip design; initial consulting followed by an optional bespoke itinerary. Please see below for details.

Every trip requires careful consideration and specific planning based on the destination(s), number of people in the group and time spent traveling. That careful consideration begins with a one-on-one conversation with Meg. The initial consultation fee is $550

It Starts with a Conversation

Understanding the client’s particular taste and desires, in addition to their former travel experiences (the hits and the misfires) is crucial prior to planning of any type of trip.


1. Completion of the Friend of a Friend Questionnaire

2. One-on-One Consultation, which includes topics such as, budget, destination ideas, hotel favorites, reason behind travel, and order of destinations.

3. A Trip Proposal including 3-5 suggestions featuring personalized pros and cons for each.

4. Complimentary VIP Booking upon selection

5. A Customized Trip Dossier available in PDF and Mobile App Format 


The initial consultation price is $350 per trip

For a complete itinerary, including dining, excursions, recommended sights, tours and other memorable additions, the fee is custom to the trip. The fee considers the length of stay, number of destinations and specific client demands. Fees generally begin at $1,000.



Personalized Travel at its Best.

1. A five-point suggestion based on your travel

2. Complimentary Booking Services with special amenities, rates and upgrades

3. A customized dossier* available in PDF and Mobile App, which lists your travel details, from handy specifics like air travel and hotel confirmation numbers to restaurant and any extra leisure bookings plus real-time updates on flights as well as client-to-Meg messaging.

**The mobile app format allows clients to view the itinerary without wifi or incurring roaming fees**



What if the must-do activities, must-hit restaurants and that exact destination-defining excursion were already organized according to your personal travel preferences? With Meg’s custom itineraries, it’s all there for you to simply follow and enjoy.

*Itinerary pricing is subject to trip and client particulars and will be presented to client prior to booking as either a set fee or hourly rate.

1. An initial one-on-one consultation

2. Complimentary booking of transportation including air, car, boat and train and all accommodation types (villas, apartments and hotels)

3. Crafting of Custom Day-by-Day Itinerary with multiple drafts

This includes further collaboration types of activities, special excursions, additional amenities (private tour of the Vatican, sky-diving session, 7-course tasting table in Hong Kong)  The itinerary design phase is capped at 3 revisions. The first draft follows the booking and includes suggestions based on consultation. The second draft follows 3 weeks later and includes revisions, additions and various tweaks. The final draft is delivered a week prior to departure and includes all trip details plus recommended reading and any logistic documents such as driving directions or private boat specifications.

*The custom itinerary is available in PDF and on Mobile App allowing clients to view the itinerary without wifi or acquiring roaming fees**

The custom itinerary fee is agreed upon prior to organization and is subject to the client’s trip specifics such as destination, level of activities desired as well as time spent. The first payment is due upon delivery of the first draft of the itinerary. The second and final deposit is due upon receipt of the final itinerary.

Itinerary pricing begins at $1,000



A personalized and elegantly presented trip itinerary in both PDF format as well as a signature Mobile App that allows the client to coordinate directly with Meg in real time.

Friend of a Friend Consulting works in association with Valerie Wilson Travel, a Virtuoso agency, to ensure all bookings are afforded special rates, amenities and available upgrades.

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When celebrating far from home, don’t underestimate the aid of a true destination expert and travel coordinator for your event. If not for the ease of your guests, but also for you to be able to enjoy the experience yourself.

Optimizing the Destination

1. Initial Consultation discussing the particulars of the event and the destination

2. Analysis, Advisement and Selection of the hospitality considerations in the locale

3. Negotiating of special rates and amenities for guests

4. Organization, Management and Booking of Travel Services for attendees

5. Custom Content Creation for Event (website, invitation language, travel specific information selection, etc.)*

*The added bonus of having a writer-agent hybrid

The fee for this service is entirely dependent upon the size and location of the event plus any specifics related to the management of the event.

This is most often a set project fee, though may sometimes be negotiated at an hourly rate.

1. Expert know-how and advice on the destination and property

2. Better rates and amenities at hotels for your guests and you

3. Full organization of the event’s travel and hospitality elements for you and your guests (so you can relax and enjoy the fun stuff – like deciding what to put in the slideshow or on the cocktail napkin)

4. Introduction to a network of local contacts and service providers

5. Pre-event site visit and onsite event assistance for the travel component


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"Nobody tells you how
stressful planning a honeymoon is. It must be relaxing, luxurious,
adventurous, and memorable—
no easy task. Meg was able to plan a honeymoon for us that was all these things and more:
a seamless trip with personal and local touches we will never forget. Thanks!"

– Thomas Babcock,
New York, N.Y.

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