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Oftentimes a trip holds so much sentimental value that planning it can add a load of undue stress. The only cure: an expert friend. This is where Friend of a Friend Consulting can step in and either hold your hand throughout the planning process or lead the way and take charge. As always, the client sets the tone based on taste, preferences and desires. Ultimately, planning is fun, so hire Meg to create your custom itinerary and breathe easy.

Planning a trip today is hard work, even with the aid of the internet. Too many opinions often results in too many options. However, with Friend of a Friend Consulting’s bespoke itineraries all the deliberation and relentless research is already done for you.  Personalized selections are offered, schedules are decided in collaboration, and ultimately the right decisions are made, ensuring a well-planed trip is yours in hand, prior to take-off.

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"It was exactly what we
dreamed of and a trip we will remember literally for the rest of our lives. The special touches like upgrades, bespoke boat
rides and excellent restaurant reservations made the trip enjoyable and seamless, and
that is all thanks to you."

— C. Schilling, New York

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