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Angama Mara, Kenya

Published September 3, 2015

Angama Mara is a new safari lodge right on the escarpment overlooking the Mara Triangle in Kenya. It’s a new type of Safari yet led and built by some of the wisest and most experienced in the business. Owned by Safari veterans, Steve and Nicky Fitzgerald, who, together with their daughter, Kate, oversee the property quite personally and very passionately, right down to every minute detail. As a result, the stay is both refined and exceedingly comfortable. The idea is to safari as you see fit – get up when you want, eat what you want and do what you want. And with the Fitzgeralds helping guide you, plus a location that simply cannot be beat  in terms of beauty and bounty of wildlife, (it was the movie setting for Out of Africa, after all) the word special feels frustratingly inadequate. It’s simply one-of-a-kind.

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