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76 Main, Nantucket

Published September 28, 2013

Nantucket’s newest boutique property, 76 Main is just what the new wave of Nantucket visitors is clamoring for: a cute, clean, contemporary bed & breakfast conveniently located to town. With its signature Main Street address – the only hotel in Nantucket actually located on the cobblestone thoroughfare – as a bright feather in its cap, 76 Main is already a step ahead. Add in fresh, blue and white interiors done by a young Boston designer – let’s face it, who doesn’t gravitate towards Blue and White? And a charming courtyard café laid out for al-fresco breakfast and evening cocktails by the fire pit, 76 Main is poised to be the most relevant newcomer to the island in a long while. Of course, as a 25-year veteran visitor to the island, I still favor the old Captain’s Houses with exposed beams, iron latches for doorknobs and creaky original wood plank floors. However, this bright and shiny emblem of revamped Nantucket (76 Main is, in fact, one of Main Streets original Brick homes) is remarkably pleasant  upon entry and appears to be nothing short of ideal for younger, first time visitors to the island. It helps that innkeepers, Katie and Scott are cute and friendly too, injecting a youthfulness uncommon among those that tend to run small New England inns.

Check it out and let me know if you’d like to book. I have a list of the top rooms.

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